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A Clear, Easy to Understand Explanation of the Steps of the Scientific Method as They Relate to Research, Problem Solving, Decision Making & Critical Thinking Skills.

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Scientific Method Activities

This website contains today’s most up-to-date, complete, clear, concise, and reliable information about the scientific method and scientific method activities that has ever been offered.

It covers history of the scientific method, development of the scientific method, definition of scientific method, and scientific method activities. It explains about the steps of the scientific method and gives an assortment of formulas containing from 4 to 10 steps for the scientific method. But best of all, well researched detailed descriptions of the eleven steps or stages of the scientific method are included.

This model formula is suitable for lesson plans on the scientific method, and study and teaching of the scientific method. Scientific method worksheets are included and greatly aid using the scientific method of inquiry.

In addition to the 48-page booklet on The Scientific Method Today, there are research reports on vital topics concerning the scientific method.

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